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Our technical service network is active 24 hours 7 days a week and it consists of teams founded to make the fastest solutions. 

Regardless of how high the quality of the materials used in the elevators and how well they have been assembled, their periodic maintenance must be done regularly. 

As the reports of our elevators are reached our technical bureau, necessary programs are done and those elevators are added to the maintenance lists. Every month regularly, in periodic maintenances, potential problems are taken into the consideration and they are prevented to become actual problems, conducting necessary actions. 

Every month, after maintenance, maintenance forms are filled and forwarded to the technical bureau and all the forms are inspected in details and filed properly. For our technical service, the consumer satisfaction is above all. 

In case of any failures, our technical teams which have wireless and gsm phones, interfere very quickly and fix the problem. The failure form which is filled by the working team is forwarded to the technical bureau. This service is to be offered by special contracts for the buildings which operate 24 hours a day as hospitals, hotels, parking buildings etc...