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Today as the number of vehicles is increased, the need for parking lots is emerged as an important problem. Because there is no sufficient parking lot area, the basement and the top of many of the buildings are used as parking lot. 

Our car elevators with capacity of 3000 kg - 5000 kg, enable the basement and top floors of the buildings to be used as parking lots. They also increase the area usage of the building by making the areas for the road and the ramps as unnecessary. Our car elevators which may be electric or hydraulic traction are manufactured with automatic or sliding doors. The car elevators with hydraulic traction are designed for the buildings up to the 5 floors. The car elevators with electric tractions can overcome heavier traffic. They are preferred for the buildings higher than four floors, because they are little faster. 

Thanks to the button placed in the reach of the driver, the driver can operate the elevator from where he/se sits without get out of the vehicle. In the two stops systems, elevators transfer the vehicle to the parking lot or to the car exit floor automatically without pressing any buttons.