Passanger Elevators

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Passenger elevators can be manufactured in hydraulic and electric traction type. When traffic density of building is taken into consideration they are generally projected in electric traction type. The capacity starts from 2 persons and increases with respect to necessities. The speed is ranked between 0.50 m/sec. and 2.5 m/sec.

Door type is determined according to the traffic of the building as semi-automatic or automatic. Automatic doors are generally preferred in buildings that have intensive traffic. Door finishes can be selected electrostatic painted or stainless steel finish. 

In spite of the fact that wood and laminate are the most preferred cabin covering materials, stainless steel finish is also possible. Our designs are designated by your dreams. 

Generally, in the buildings that the speed and the comfort are extremely important, variable frequency speed control units are preferred. Frequency control systems provide energy savings as well as comfort and accuracy.